About Canterbury

Canterbury Episcopal Fellowship is a mouthful, so we normally go by Canterbury or the EpiscoPaladins. EpiscoPaladin

Canterbury  is a young adult community in the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina supported by Greenville area Episcopal Churches. Canterbury of Furman is unique in that it is a “student led and student fed” group. Weekly programs are run by Peer Ministers, full time students and EpiscoPaladins, that make time to plan Mondays and be available during the week just to chat. 2010-2011 Peer Ministers are Hannah Pitman and Jane-Allison Wiggin. Their favorite Canterbury activities are Popcorn Theology Nights and “Holy Rollers” Bowling. Campus Minister Fr. Trey Garland of St. Andrew’s is available for pastoral counseling. His favorite Canterbury activity is the classic competitive game Apples to Apples.

Canterbury of Furman meets on Monday nights in the Meeting Room downstairs in Daniel Chapel at 5:30 for dinner with program to follow. You do not have to be Episcopalian, own a Book of Common Prayer, or know Archbishop William’s middle name to show up! Canterbury wants to welcome you and your friends to a home cooked meal and the laughter that comes with any given Monday night. On campus Canterbury programs include: Monthly Eucharist, Apples to Apples, Saintly Trivia, Popcorn Theology, NEW! Video Game Theology, Thurible 101 (Incense for Dummies), DIY Advent Wreaths, and Stations of the Cross. Keep a look out for the U2charist CLP in the Spring! Off campus field trips include Diocesan Sponsored Retreats, “Holy Rollers” Bowling, Frankie’s Fun Park, and Spot That Saint! at the BJU Art Gallery.

If you need any more information feel free to contact Hannah, Jane-Allison, or Fr. Trey at:

hannah.pitman@furman.edu, jane-allison.wiggin@furman.edu, trey.garland@furman.edu


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