Happy Liturgical New Year!

29 Nov

First Eucharist of the Liturgical New Year (Year A!) Today!

5:30 Downstairs Daniel Chapel

6:00 Good News!


O Fun Article

29 Nov


Christmas Card for York Place

10 Nov

Advent Spoons moved to add to the craft-and-cheer-a-thon that is

Monday November 15th

Christmas Card wonderfulness for York Place. Tis the Season to give back!

What’s York Place? Check it out:here.

Really great kids, and I’ll be running the carpool to go see the Christmas pageant on December 10th if anyone’s interested in some pre-Christmas cheery cheer cheer!

PS A little birdie told me that the kids loved the cards so so much last year that some of them still have them tacked up on their bulletin boards! This year we’re going to take a fun group picture to include, so bring your tacky Christmas sweaters and Santa hats and Rudolph noses if you have them!

Advent Spoons Beat Advent Wreaths

2 Nov

Spoons. You heard it right, folks!

This year we’re getting super crafty and making pre-Advent Advent spoons for the Christmas trees back home.

Confused yet? So am I. But who doesn’t love a good night of Compline, Crafting, and Milk and (Not Christmas Yet or Advent Really) Cookies?

Food Updates

2 Nov

Check out This Month tab for Free Food, Canterburians!

Nov 7, 14, 21 at St. James post 11 o’clock service

Check out “This Month” Tab

28 Oct

Hey everybody,

Just put all of November and December up on the “This Month” tab. Things look a little out of order, but hey, who doesn’t need More Advent in their lives, right?

All Saints on Monday! Bring your favorite saintly anecdote!

Ever Wonder Where The Other Young Episcopalians Are?

20 Oct

I might have a paper to write. I might be in the loudest part of the library right now. I might be watching lots of I Am Episcopalian videos in order to block out the rabble rabble. There are other young Episcopalians, who knew?

I might have also recognized Fr. Matthew Moretz, out of collar, on the I Am Episcopalian site. I might have realized that it had been entirely too long since I had watched a “Fr. Matthew Presents…”

So that I might share the wealth of wonderfulness with all of you, I’ve included the links for you to go waste some time with Jehosaphat, Regina, and Fr. Matthew. Learning about the faith IS fun!